Wow ptr stuck on updating setup files

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Skip this if you already have this downloaded from before or have downloaded it from a mirror.4) After the downloader has completed downloading into the folder " US PTR Installer" open that folder and run "Blizzard Updater.exe" 5) Choose any location with enough space to install the PTR client onto (15-20gb free space) 6) The installer will install the 3.01 PTR inside a folder called "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder.Killing any of the agent processes that spawn (it spawns many) results in the launcher loading with an immediate error stating "There has been a communication error, please restart the launcher", restarting the launcher results in the process repeating againsince it didn't "install" yet - there is no entry in add/remove programs.I have nothing in My Documents, I have the launcher files in C:\Program Data and I have removed all of those, I have cleared all of my various temporary file locations as per the recommendations, rebooted, ensured that none of the files had returned, etc etc - still doesn't get past that screenshot For whatever reason, Internet Explorer (which I never use) was set to "work offline".To use premades, you must have updated your account to Wrath of the Lich King at least 6 weeks before the PTR opened!HOW TO INSTALL THE PTR IF YOU HAVE A PTR FOLDER FROM LAST TIME SCROLL DOWN IF INSTALLING FOR THE FIRST TIME: This is copy and pasted from last content patch we had. Please note I don't know what all the patch file names are as mirrors aren't up yet for me to check against.

Let's go ahead and try the following that have worked for a few. However, if it does continue you will want to be sure to post in the PTR report forums so they can get a look at it.~ Zayssie Scan and Repair.Also this guide assumes you want to reinstall the PTR hence step 1.For Mac OS X replace with 0) If you are reinstalling drag any files starting with "Wo W-0.3.0" in your "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder to a safe location EG the desktop. This step is to make sure your registry is all up to date 3) Run the downloader file (Wo W- .The most common errors posted on the PTR forum are caused by people not following the bolded instructions. New for 3.3.5 PTR: Players MUST copy a character to the PTR before they will be able to log in to the client.For this PTR phase, you'll have a single dummy Wo W account added to your account just to access the PTR.

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