Sql updating table definition

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If the memory turns out to be insufficient at execution time, at least some data for the hash and/or sort will be written to physical disk.

We are very much familiar with a system stored procedure called sp_helptext, which gets us the object definition on query window itself, but that sp is limited to procedures, functions, triggers, computed columns, views etc.

Connection strings are okay and the ASPNETDB appears to be working okay - but not sure about that at this point in time.

The other database that uses stored procedures and transactions works perfectly on my local computer.

For the household table I have a primary key defined using two columns in it - Please provide complete table and index definitions, including any partitioning information.

Alternatively, use the free SQL Sentry Plan Explorer to upload the execution plan to - actually this question is ideal for that.

The most basic commands of DDL are the CREATE, ALTER, RENAME, DROP and TRUNCATE statements.

To create a table, we must specify Table name, Column names their corresponding Column data types with the Column sizes and Constraints if any.

The Data Definition Language (DDL) manages database table and index structure.For naming conventions of Database Objects check the database documentation.When using SQL Server Express, what must I do to enable the Advanced features (ADD, EDIT, DELETE) in the SQLDatasource configuration?I have developed the site using Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Express 2005.I detached my databases locally and simply used the copy website to upload the databases into my app_data folder on the remote.

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