Hep c dating canada

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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 48(1): 21-28. available at In Canada, incidents of new hepatitis C virus infections are rising among women aged 15–29 years and now comprise 60% of new infections among this age group.A negative diagnosis experience continues to be a problem affecting women living with hepatitis C virus.Poor health, poverty, low education, limited housing, high unemployment, and sanitation problems are important factors that promote the spread of hepatitis C infections among Aboriginal peoples.Factors that increase the risk of hepatitis C infections include the regular use of injection drugs and involvement in other high-risk activities at an early age.

In that spirit, these partners are working together to launch the National Aboriginal Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign and month long activities will be held during the month of May.Methods Purposive sampling was used to recruit and interview 25 women.Using narrative inquiry, we examined Canadian women’s experience of hepatitis C virus diagnosis.Of 55,781 HCV positive individuals alive at the end of 2013, 7064 were seroconverters while 48,717 had prevalent infection at diagnosis.The HCV positivity rate (11.2 %) was highest in birth cohort 1945–1964 which declined over time.

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