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There's more than a few taken girls out there who will gladly take on a number two, but aside from being unethical, this presents a multitude of problems.You put yourself in a risky position in regard to her other boyfriend, who may have an angry or violent streak in him.Since I’m Jackson couldn’t understand why I didn’t go out when I didn’t have my daughter.I explained that I was relaxing, enjoying my time watching a television show that didn’t star Dora or Doc Mc Stuffins. No matter how sexy, how smart or how fun, she would never receive a ring–at least not from Jackson. Heck, I held the same one when I was in my twenties, single with only one mouth to feed–my own! I told him he should not date a woman with kids if he would never marry her.

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For a man, there’s nothing more deflating than an attractive woman dropping the ‘kids’ bomb.If you are dating her regularly you will probably have to go out with the family on occasion.If you marry her or move in with her you will probably be expected to provide some financial support for her children, and assume some parental duties.If the woman is attractive, the kids might not seem like a bad part of the deal.They may be well-behaved and enjoyable some of the time.

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