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A bottle secured with this clip is said to be Autolysis—The chemical reactions caused by the breaking down of yeast cells through an enzymatic process, which occurs when a wine is left in contact with the lees over a long period of time.Autolysis is one of the fundamental processes in the making of champagne, as it imparts particular types of flavor complexity and textural finesse that can be achieved in no other way, and this is one of the main reasons for champagne's long aging on the lees in bottle after the second fermentation. Barrique—The most common size of wooden barrel, almost always made of oak.When Caligula, a notably eccentric Roman Emperor, was chastised by his grandmother, he fixed her a stern look.“Remember,” he said, “I have the right to do anything to anyone.” Does having absolute power make dictators eccentric, or is it simply that we are all eccentric but lack the power to behave as we would like?As with any wine, champagne has a special vocabulary, often employing highly technical terms.Some terms have the same meaning as elsewhere in the wine world, but a few are specific to champagne.

All members of the regiment had to be over 6’ 2” in height – and the taller they were, the better.

In order to recruit tall people for the regiment, the king would offer bonuses; and if that failed, he would simply kidnap them.

Tall men were sent from all over Europe as diplomatic gifts to Frederick William, and visiting dignitaries would be treated to a march by the regiment.

The city forms an autonomous commune (commune autonome) of the Central African Republic which is surrounded by the Ombella-M'Poko prefecture.

With an area of 67 square kilometres (26 sq mi), the commune is the smallest high-level administrative division in the country, but the highest in terms of population.

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